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speed sketching

Simkom magazine NR.3C

Still can't believe that they put my crap into this bible of car design.
Thank you, Marek!

P.S Cong. Gousman! Your Kamaz looks superb!

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Design background thinking of BMW isetta project

BMW People says that their brand design philosophy can be described in two words: sculpture and feelings. Looks like excellent starting point for the design research. Due to the project task all I need to do is add word -electricity- .

What is electric car in terms of design? How electric car should look like? Should it be different? What BMW Electric Car should be? What should you feel when you’re inside? Outside?

Sigmund Freud said that there are two main things which attract people: sex and violence. I believe there is a third one. Curiosity. It’s a key element to innovation and exploration (feelings). Points, which electric car is all about.

Exploration supposedly means that you should be light-weighted. Weight is the link to form understanding, where form is a sculpture and its understanding is BMW.

What is light (fig) and sculptural?

18th Century was a century of sky exploration. One of the most important invention of this century was Zeppelin. An invention, which relates to exploration. An answer to conquest of the sky, which gave freedom. A lack of which, we feel in modern cities. Zeppelin has a simple fish like (and again: shark, BMW) sculptural form with ribbed surface (metal frame underneath the textile cover) which gives an illusion of organic origin. (nature form is always clean, but never ideal). All in all, Zeppelin is a combination of sculptural and symbolic meaning.

A perfect inspiration for an Electric BMW Car.

Electricity is a pure energy (at least we believe so) that gives a clear design direction to a car design, especially when we’re talking about colors.

We know three main natural electricity sources:




So if wind (Zeppelin) dictates form, water (waves) is responsible for colors. Main color is blue. A color of water and electricity itself. Bright brown color (coastal sand) in interior should give comfort while white color should make interior look light and spacious.

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Thursday, 17 December 2009

1 night | 1 car| 200+ sketches

70+ pages of quick doodles for Bentley project in one night..It was a long night....
Sketching technic/ style inspiration of one and only - Maxim Shershnev

Sunday, 13 December 2009


A little bit more colors to the old sketch

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Online Portfolio UPDATE

Please have a look on the latest portfolio update. Thank you!

tsss.!... Teaser

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